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Step One: When you pass the      Step Two: ...throw it at the         Step Three: The barrel will open
first pair of snakes, you will          Kremlings. Follow it so that it     access to the bonus room!
end up here. Pick up the barrel     doesn't get out of your view.

Second Bonus Room

Step One: When you arrive at this scene,              Step Two: ...jump into the blast barrel that
jump on the tire up to the DK barrel, and               is up and left of the DK barrel.

Third Bonus Room

Step One: You will arrive at this scene                     Step Two: Pick up the regular barrel and
a little while after you come out of the second           jump down onto the ground down and right
bonus room. Jump on the tire up onto the                of the platform. Then...
platform with the dk barrel and the regular

Step Three: Throw the barrel into the pit             Step Four: ...will break open. The bonus room
where the snakes are. Follow the barrel              is now accessible!
( roll through the snakes if you have to )
to the wall which...

Next Level