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Step One: A little while before   Step Two: arrive at this   Step Three: ...throw the barrel
the continue barrel, you will        part of the level. Without          at the wall to the right. It will
see a barrel with green lines        hitting the Zingers with the        open up a hidden bonus area,
around it. Pick it up so that         barrel, fall down to the             which you can now enter!
you're holding it like Diddy in      ground below. Once you
in the picture. Then, travel to      have done that...
the right without hitting any
Kremlings with the barrel until...

Second Bonus Room

Do you have Winky the frog right now?

I've got Winky

I don't have Winky


     Step One: When you arrive here ( a long                 Step Two: ...jump into the blast barrel
      way from the continue barrel )...                              using Winky.

                                                                   Next Level


Step One: When you arrive at       Step Two: arrive here.      Step Three: ...jump up off the
 this scene ( a long way past the      Push the tire onto the moving      tire into the blast barrel.
 continue barrel ), push the tire to    platform that crosses the pit.
 the right until...                              Once you've done that...

Next Level