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 Step One: Right after the              Step Two: ...quickly hit the         Step Three: ...the wall at the
  continue barrel, you find a            stop 'n' go switch so that the       end of the downhill path.
  barrel and the first stop 'n' go       Kremlings running around can     Throw the barrel against the
  past the continue barrel. Pick       not hurt you. Once you do,          wall quickly before the run-
  up the regular barrel and...           walk down to...                          around Kremlings wake up

Second Bonus Room


     Step One: A little while after the first                    Step Two: see this tire. Roll it back to...
     bonus room, you will arrive here. Go to
     the right and get rid of the Klap-traps
     ( the little crocodiles ) along the way until...
     Step Three: ...the three bananas where the              Step Four: Bounce off the tire up into a
     Klap-traps were. Then...                                        blast barrel that is off-screen.

Next Level