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  Step One: As soon as you enter   Step Two: ...up and left to the   Step Three: Jump straight up to
   the level, bounce off the tire...      platform above the area where   a blast barrel that is barely
                                                     you entered the level. Now...      visible.

Second Bonus Room


  Step One: You'll arrive at this      Step Two: ...keep on rolling       Step Three: ...keep on rolling
   location a little bit before the        the tire...                                    the tire past the 'O'...
   letter 'O'. Fall down the hole in
   the picture. There will be a blast
   barrel that will blast you up so
   that you can hit the small hole
   (the little hole that can be seen
   at the center right of the picture).
   A tire will come out. Roll it to
   the right...
      Step Four: ...until you reach here. Stop                 Step Five: ...jump up and right on the tire
       pushing the tire. Make sure it doesn't fall               so that you hit a blast barrel above the
       off the side down into the pit. Once the                 beaver in the millstone. You've accessed
       tire has stopped moving...                                     the first bonus room!

Third Bonus Room

Step One: When you arrive        Step Two: As soon as you get   Step Three: ...break open the
here, pick up the TNT barrel       here, wait until the beaver in      wall to the right. The bonus
and carry it to the right through    the millstone is out of the way.   room is now accessible!
the level. Avoid hitting any           Once he is, go down into the
Kremlings with it.                        pit and...

Next Level