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     Step One: After the letter 'G', keep low                 Step Two: ...go down the rope directly into
      when the flock of Neckys come along.                    the blast barrel.
      As soon as you see the barely visible top
      of a blast barrel (look in the screenshot
      above to get a general idea)...

Second Bonus Room


 Step One: After the first bonus     Step Two: reach here.       Step Three: reach the
  room, you will be blasted out       Carry the barrel past the red       bottom. Throw the barrel at
  to here. Land on the pile of          arrow sign down to the next        the wall to reveal the last
  grass to reveal the barrel. Put       lower platform. Don't hit any       bonus room for this level.
  the barrel down, then kill the        Kremlings with the barrel. Put
  Kremling on the next platform      the barrel down, kill the enemy
  up. Once you've done that,          in your way, then carry the
  go back to the barrel and carry    barrel down to the next lower
  it up with you to the next              platform. Keep doing this until...
  platform. Keep doing this for
  each platform up until...

Next Level