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Step One: Make sure you've     Step Two: ...the first DK           Step Three: will land on
 killed every enemy that you       barrel of the level. Once you      this platform. Walk left into
 can before you arrive here.        get here, go to the right to the    the bonus room.
 When you've done that and       very edge of the platform.
 you get to the Expresso the       Then, run to the left, jump in
 Ostrich box, hop on Expresso   the air and start fluttering left
 and make your way back to...   with Expresso. Press B as you
                                                  are fluttering to the left to
                                                  slowly descend. If you've done
                                                  it right...

Second Bonus Room

Step One: When you get to the  Step Two: Once you find land,   Step Three: arrive here.
 letter 'N', dismount Expresso     keep on making your way to      Get off of Expresso, take the
 by pressing A, then kill the tiny    the right until...                           barrel and throw it at the wall.
 crocodile. After that, flutter to                                                     Get back on Expresso again,
 the right with Expresso. Don't                                                      then go into the bonus room.
 flutter too high though, or you'll
 go to the vine in the regular
 part of the level.

Third Bonus Room

Step One: To the right in the     Step Two: When you get down,   Step Three: When you get to
 picture, you can see the top      make your way to the right.          to the first wall on the right,
 of a tree and a vine. This is the                                                     throw the barrel at the wall.
 last vine before the finish. Pick                                                     You now have access to the
 up a barrel beside you so that                                                      third bonus room!
 you're holding it just like Donkey
 Kong. Go down into the hole
 between the tree and the place
 you're standing on.

Fourth Bonus Room

Step One: When you come out   Step Two: Once you're here...  Step Three: ...fall down the hole
 of the third bonus room, you'll                                                     between you and the other
 re-appear here again. Pick up                                                     ledge. Once you're there, take
 the barrel again and go down                                                      the barrel you are holding and
 the hole in between you and                                                        throw it at the left wall.
 the tree again.

Fifth Bonus Room

Step One: When you come       Step Two: Avoid hitting any        Step Three: Once you get to
 out of the fourth bonus room,    enemies with the barrel as you     the wall just before the red
 you will re-appear here for the   make your way over to the         arrow sign, throw the barrel at
 second time. Pick up the            right.                                          the wall.
 barrel once again (it's the last
 time, I promise) and jump onto
 the tree over to the left.

That was a lot of bonus rooms! You're finally done this level!

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