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Step One: As soon as you         Step Two: ...jump on him and    Step Three: Pick up the barrel
 enter the level, go to the right     bounce off of him onto the         beside you and throw it at the
 until you see the first blue           rope. As soon as you get to       wall. You now have access to
 Kremling. Get him to follow       the top of the rope, jump left.     the bonus room!
 to the rope at the beginning,

Second Bonus Room


   Step One: Just after the 'K', you will arrive                 Step Two: ...jump on the rope and let it
    here. When you do get here...                                    carry you down.
   Step Three: Halfway down, you will see a                  Step Four: Once you get down, throw the
    small area with a barrel in it to your right.                    barrel at the wall to your left to reveal
    Jump right off the rope into the area. Pick                   your next bonus room.
    up the barrel and fall down without hitting
    a Zinger with the barrel.

Third Bonus Room

Step One: At the first cliff        Step Two: However, when      Step Three: Now just sit back
 after the continue barrel,         you are here, don't jump right   and relax as the rope takes you
 jump on the ropes and            as usual. Instead, go up the      to the last bonus room!
 make your way to the right.     rope a little bit and jump left.

Next Level