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Step One: You will need          Step Two: Once you've done     Step Three: You'll land in an
 Expresso to get secrets in the    that, jump off the side to the      area with the letter 'K', a
 game. Here is the way to get     left.                                           tire for bouncing back to where
 him: At the beginning of the                                                        you came from, and an
 level, jump on the Mini-Necky                                                   Expresso box, with Expresso
 to the left.                                                                                  inside, ready to be ridden.

First Bonus Room

Step One: You will need to      Step Two: Once you are          Step Three: ...until you arrive at
 get off Expresso to get in the    off Expresso, jump on the        the blast barrel.
 bonus room. Don't worry;        Neckys and bounce right...
 when you get to the bonus
 room, a new Expresso will
 be there to ride on at the end.

Second Bonus Room


   Step One: When you arrive here after the                  Step Two: get to the letter 'N' and
    continue barrel, run and jump with Expresso              the blast barrel to the second bonus room.
    to the right (don't fall or go down to the
    steel barrel). Fly in the air with Expresso
    as far to the right as you can until...

Next Level