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  Step One: At the end of the first moving                       Step Two: get to the first bonus room
   platform of the level, roll jump to the right                     of the level!
   under the stairs...

Second Bonus Room


   Step One: After the continue      Step Two: ...bounce off of the    Step Three: Roll jump to the
    barrel, you will arrive here. As    beaver that will walk off the       right to get to the blast barrel.
    soon as you do...                        platform to get to the top.

Third Bonus Room


  Step One: At the red arrow sign   Step Two: ...reach Manky.       Step Three: You'll land on a
   before the exit, go to the right       In between barrels that he'll       platform where you will find a
   until you...                                   throw, roll into him and go         Winky icon and the last blast
                                                      off the edge of the platform.       barrel of the level.

Next Level