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  Step One: At the very beginning of the level...             Step Two: ...cartwheel jump to the right to
                                                                                    a rope. Go up the rope and then jump off
                                                                                    at the top to the right to find the bonus

Second Bonus Room


 Step One: You'll arrive here a     Step Two: ...jump on the rope,   Step Three: ...jump up and right
  little ways before the continue      then jump up and right to the      onto the top of the third rope,
  barrel. When you do...                second rope. Avoid the Zinger    then jump up and right again to
                                                    and when the time is right...         land on an offscreen platform.
                                                                                                      Walk to the right and you'll
                                                                                                       get to the next bonus room!

Third Bonus Room


  Step One: When you are on the last elevator              Step Two: get here. Jump off to the
   beside the exit sign, don't jump off to the right.           right and then walk right into the last bonus
   Instead, stay on the elevator. Keep going                   room.
   down until...

Next Level