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 Step One: Right after the 'K',      Step Two: ...jump out of the       Step Three: When you get to a
  you'll arrive here. When you        mine cart onto the rope. After    part of the tracks where there
  do get here...                               this jump to the right into the      are no bananas, jump up to get
                                                     mine cart.                                  into the blast barrel.

Second Bonus Room


    Step One: After you get the letter 'N', jump             Step Two: ...the tire. From there, bounce
     out of the cart onto...                                              off the tire into the blast barrel.

Third Bonus Room


 Step One: You will arrive here     Step Two: ...jump out of the       Step Three: arrive here.
  just before the finish. Just as         mine cart to the left. You'll          Bounce off of the tire into the
  you are about to fall off the           land on a tire. Jump up and        last blast barrel of the level.
  track...                                         left onto each tire until...

Next Level