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   Step One: You'll arrive here just past the                 Step Two: When the barrel opens up the
    continue barrel. When you do, pick up the               wall, you can now access the first bonus
    barrel (the one behind DK) and throw it at               room of the level!
    the right wall. Don't worry if it hits Krusha,
    the barrel will continue rolling.

Second Bonus Room


 Step One: Just before the end of   Step Two: After the room with   Step Three: When you get to
  the level, you will arrive here.        the 'G', you'll reappear here.       the first wall on your right
  Jump up onto the ledge above       Pick up the TNT barrel and       after getting the TNT barrel,
  Diddy and walk to the right into     jump down. Avoid hitting any     throw the TNT barrel at the
  an area containing the 'G'. If          Kremlings with it.                       wall to gain access to the last
  you hit a tire, you will not die,                                                         bonus room of the level!
  so don't spend your time trying
  to get through successfully if
  you can't.

Next Level