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Congratulations! You've found all the bonus rooms in this world!

What happens now?

I forgot a bonus room in this world!

Hmm...I think I need to go back to the previous world.

Wrong game! I need bonus rooms from a different game!

Get me outta here!

  You know what happens next? You play K-Rool in the game! No more bonus rooms, it's just a one-on-one fight with the big mean Kremling king himself!
  Your quest is nearly over. The only thing left to do is defeat K-Rool. Here is a tip for you: Make sure that you don't rush. Take some time to see what K-Rool is doing, and then go in for the kill. Jump on his head when he throws his crown. Do this until he dies. But, take heed. K-Rool will fake dead once, and then get back up. After that, he will get a little harder. Hit him on the head a few more times when he throws his crown to defeat him for good!
  Thanks for taking time to look at this guide. If you need game help with DKC2 or DKC3, just click here to go back to the snapshots main menu and select that game. See you later!

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