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September 16th 2000 by Jon

The end of the waiting point: Hiya! We're finished with the waiting point! Pretty snazzy look, eh? Well, anyways, not much else has changed, except the layout and the way the updates are done. ;)

Down then up, and better than ever: Our affiliate, Dinozaur Planet, was down for about a week, but are now back up and have a nice layout. Check them out when you're done here!

Don't freak out: We're not dead... tommorow I might have a new feature...

September 2nd 2000 by Jon
Just some news today... I am proud to say that the waiting point is nearly over, and after that we will continue to do what we've always done... well, there isn't much else, so I'll just continue finishing the waiting point... only about a week left... ;)

August 28th 2000 by Jon
Welcome to "the waiting point" of DPD. We are making big changes, and soon enough you'll see them. I've decided to update the affiliates only on the main page... It's a hassle to update each page when dreamwater doesn't support SSI. Of ocurse, that will change soon enough... anywhoo, we have two new affiliates, DP HQ, and Dinozaur Planet. Two very nice DP sites, I reccomend you see them. Unfortunetly, at space world there is no DP news. See ya soon... Oh, and post in the message board! ;)

August 24th 2000 by Jon
Tiday spaceworld begins! We'll be having anything DP related from Spaceworld as soon as we can onto this site. Also, we have a new affiliate, Rare Extreme. Check them out. Plus, in case you didn't know, I am sportdog74 on the message boards. C'mon people, don't be shy, post some stuff! ;-)

August 23rd 2000 by Jon
Did I say 600 last update? I meant 800. ;) Anyways, we have a rather small update today. A new message board! C'mon in and post your heart out. ^_^ You don't really haver to register, but someone else can register your name and you would have to have another one. But it's very simple to post... anyways, enjoy!

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