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Step One: Just after the 'K', you    Step Two: ...roll the tire down    Step Three: ...roll the tire to the
 will arrive here. Jump up onto        onto the ground. After that...      the right and stop the tire under
 the platform, then jump onto                                                           the three bananas. Bounce off
 Necky (make sure he is not                                                            of the tire into an off-screen
 throwing any nuts) to kill him.                                                          blast barrel.

Second Bonus Room

Step One: After you come out   Step Two: ...keep on going...     Step Three: ...until you arrive
of the first bonus room, you'll                                                       here. Switch to Diddy, and
land here. You don't have to                                                        jump into the barrel. Then,
use the barrel in front of you, so                                                   blast onto the Necky and...
just go on through the level...

Step Four: ...bounce to the         Step Five: ...the patch of grass.   Step Six: Throw the barrel at
right off each Necky. Then,         Hitting the patch of grass will       the wall to reveal the bonus
when you've bounced off the       reveal a barrel.                            room entrance!
last Necky, bounce off of the
Mini-Necky (on the right side
of the above picture) to the
right onto...

Third Bonus Room


    Step One: When you arrive here...                        Step Two: ...jump up onto the ledge. Stay
                                                                                 as close to the wall as possible, so that the
                                                                                 nuts that Necky throws won't hit you.
                                                                                 When he's finished throwing the nuts, kill
                                                                                 him, then...
    Step Three: ...jump off of the top ledge                 Step Four: ...jump onto the ledge. Throw
     onto the patch of grass. It will reveal a                   the barrel at the wall to gain access to the
     barrel for you to pick up. Pick it up and...              bonus room!

Next Level