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Welcome to the staff page. Here is a list of everyone that worked hard on this page, including a profile. Even though it's not long, the workers deserve this page.

Cammi Luna-   The one and only, Cammi has been known the longest. Mostly for her art, but also as a great pal. Cammi worked on the copyrights image, the banner, and many more things. She deserves to be rewarded.

Jon-   Since spring of '99, Jon has just fit in as a cool guy. He has been know to be "just fun to talk with".(and a horrible speller!! =) Jon was the guy who gaves this page the HTML.

Donkeyboy-   The newest guy on the crew, Donkeyboy has the most difficult job of taking the sceenshots and making the bonus room page. He has been know since summer of '99 and has helped people on the DKJ MB with game tips and startegies.

The three of these made these pages, and the job was dedicated to All you gamers out there.


--The DK Gamers Galaxy crew