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   Step One: At the beginning of the level, jump           Step Two: Wait for Necky to get close to
    on top of the igloo where you entered the level.        you, then jump on him and bounce up and
                                                                                   left as far as you can go. There will be a
                                                                                   blast barrel that'll send you to the first
                                                                                   bonus room!

Second Bonus Room

Step One: At the continue        Step Two: Jump over Krusha   Step Three: Jump into the pit,
 barrel, go to the left.                 to the left. Then...                      following the trail of bananas.

Third Bonus Room

Step One: A little ways past       Step Two: Make your way      Step Three: ...and jump into the
 the continue barrel you'll arrive   to the right...                            blast barrel when you see it.
 here. Instead of blasting right
 as usual, blast straight down.

Next Level