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 Step One: At the very beginning of the level,                 Step Two: ...jump to the left onto a rope.
  go up onto the platform where the beaver is.                 Once you get straight above the black
  Once you do that...                                                       square thing, jump down onto it.
 Step Three: A TNT barrel should come out                  Step Four: ...avoiding all enemies, carry it
  of the black square thing that you hit. Once                   over to the first oil drum of the level (also
  it comes out, pick it up and...                                        recognized as the first oil drum with a
                                                                                      banana under it) to access the very first
                                                                                      bonus room of the level!

Second Bonus Room


 Step One: After the 'K', you'll arrive here.                    Step Two: A TNT barrel will come out.
  Once you do, jump down onto the black                     Throw the TNT barrel at the wall to your
  square thing.                                                                left to access the second bonus room!

Third Bonus Room


 Step One: This is a very weird     Step Two: ...match 3 bananas      Step Three: Pick up the barrel
  way to get to a bonus room.        in a row on the barrels. Instead    and jump up and right at the
  However, make sure you're         of getting a banana as usual,         sign with the arrow. When
  inside the second bonus room      you will get a barrel.                    you fall down, the barrel will
  (directions to it are above).                                                             break open the wall and the
  When you are inside...                                                                    third bonus room is open!

Fourth Bonus Room


  Step One: To get into the fourth bonus room,            Step Two: ...jump down the hole to reveal
   you'll need Rambi. Just after the continue                  a Rambi box and a tire. When you open
   barrel, you'll arrive here. When you do...                   the Rambi box, bounce with Rambi on
                                                                                   the tire to get back out.

Fourth Bonus Room


   Step One: When you get here...                                Step Two: ...break open the wall to reveal
                                                                                    the final bonus room of the level!

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